Work details

Simbiotic Relationships, 2021

Mixed media, video and installation.

Makeup remover cloths, natural hair, synthetic hair, iguana skin, areca palm, Samán bark, found branches.

Four-channel video and typographic prints on handmade paper.

9.72m (largo )x 4.50 m (ancho) x 3.26 m (alto).

 ”Two years of confinement aboard herself.
The Bogotan artist finally reveals her inquisitive project around certain feminine residues (makeup remover wipes, natural and synthetic hair) that thread a daily, nocturnal and humanizing task in front of a homely mirror. What we were during the sunlight with our faces dusted with ointments, what we are when we clean up that trace of personal vaudeville that every woman carries.
The stitches are shaping a fabric that contains traces of eyelash and lipsticks, earthy bases and migraines. They hurt as if they were living seams.
Ana María Devis exposes in Galería Sextante with Arte dos gráfico this laborious account that includes a personal and unique alphabet used to name the unnamable and turn it all into her own spellings.
An aboriginal vocabulary.
From a sculptural plane, the art work results in a fantastic mythology but without a dominant Zeus”.

Plataforma digital, Sillaverde, Rocío Arias Hofman

Symbiotic relationships

Symbiotic Relationships is an ecosystem of affections and infinite microworlds that unfolds like a symphony of residual materials. Symbiotic Relationships rests on perceiving what is not immediately perceptible when interconnecting residues of the feminine universe with the animal and vegetable universe. There is implicit here a look of care, an attention to the language of objects and nature, and an ear for the cries emitted by the environment in a frequency that is rarely heard and that few hear. Ana María Devis seeks to understand what surrounds her not only as the environment, but beyond, as the tacit and semi-invisible of affective ties, the hundreds of butterfly effects, the energy between you and me, what we create and what we do not we want to see. This exhibition collects a process of more than two years, in two stages: an installation, intuitive and material iteration and another graphic, versed in language. Forty-two haunting handmade creatures or organisms build the sculptural dimension of the exhibition. In the graphs, the act of naming is explored as a creative act. They also reveal the poetic system with which the creatures were named and which gave rise to a new language and alphabet. Two other gestures seek to capture Devis's gaze on these organisms created by her, but which still fill her with strangeness: a four-channel video intimately investigates with very close-ups and a sound suggestive of how these creatures could sound if they lived. Finally, a series of color photographs explores a possible representation of each of these organisms, this time as taxonomic portraits. Text and curatorship, Inés Arango 2021