The processes of Symbiotic Relationships

Mixed media, video and installation.
Makeup remover cloths, natural hair, synthetic hair, iguana skin, areca palm, Samán bark, found branches.
Four-channel video and typographic prints on handmade paper.

Newspaper El Tiempo
November 05, 2021
Bogotá, Colombia

Curaduria: Inés Arango
Typography: Alberto Miani, Héctor Céspedes
Video and photography: Lisa Palomino
Sonido: Antonio Ponce de León
3D: Juan Carlos Barbero
Arte dos Gráfico
To the entire team of Galería Sextante
A mi familia y a mis amigas.

The processs of Symbiotic Relationships

Branches and used makeup wipes, wooden sticks, hair, lacquer, wire, makeup, and reptile skin. Entangled, adjusted, and attuned. A thousand elements multiplied like a cell during mitosis, breaking free from each other and joining back together, from left and right, all at once. All these materials are witnesses to things apparently unpleasant: together, they are monstrous and fragile, but also beautiful. They are life lived through a kaleidoscope. A bit further, individual letters come together to build calligrams- an ornamental alphabet or a secret language can be intuitively perceived, working in tandem with every one of the names chosen for each creature to hold: Lananteterequismixgarlluón; Rasuntisanollamas, Raustrobunossi. This exhibition shows a twofold process: an intuitive and material effort and a typographic, language-centered exploration. Forty-two creatures or uncanny organisms made over two years are composed into an installation. Alongside them, a series of graphic works explore the act of naming as an act of creation, of bringing these organisms into existence. This exploration further reveals the poetic process through which the creatures were named and the new language that sprung in consequence.riaturas Symbiotic Relationships is an ecosystem of affections and infinite microworlds that unfolds like a symphony of residual materials. Symbiotic Relationships rests on perceiving what is not immediately perceptible when interconnecting residues of the feminine universe with the animal and vegetable universe. There is implicit here a look of care, an attention to the language of objects and nature, and an ear for the cries emitted by the environment in a frequency that is rarely heard and that few hear. Ana María Devis seeks to understand what surrounds her not only as the environment, but beyond, as the tacit and semi-invisible of affective ties, the hundreds of butterfly effects, the energy between you and me, what we create and what we do not we want to see. Text and curation, Ines Arango.