From the series: “Axolotls” parallel to “Symbiotic Relationships”


When I entered into the studio, I was confronted with your creatures. They seemed motionless, unfolded in space as in an aquarium. Each one of them had a name and personal characteristics, together they formed part of a kind of almost prehistoric animal.

You had told me that they came into the world assembled by hand with natural, personal, chemical elements - hair, makeup remover cloths, Iguana skin, pieces of wood from the Orinoco - a process that took months and in some cases, years.

I stared at them for hours. Little by little I understood their movements, their way of breathing, and I saw their reflection, their creative and tactile labor, giving life to these creatures, and that's when I remembered the Axolot from Julio Cortazar's story, with its gills and tiny eyes. And I understood that there, in those creatures was you, looking at me.

Juan Devis CEO, of Ninetythree Media, a cross-cultural content studio.