Series of actions
Cabinet # 16
FLORA ars+natura
Bogotá, Colombia

Turtle woman

Turtle woman consists of a series of actions in FLORA ars+natura where I enter into a cabinet (a vitrine) to draw for three hours a day, twice a week, for two months. Each action allows me to establish a close relationship with the viewer and creates a link that would otherwise be nonexistent. I draw the turtles using a magnifying glass because it is the tool that has allowed me to both approach them and go into great detail. I have found positions in my body that I did not know existed in order to adapt to their forms, I have shared their slowness, the passing of time and patience. I now see the load of these animals as journeys throughout the topography of Colombia, from the gaze and body of the turtle, but also from my own gaze and my own body.

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