Rubber and ink stamps on paper.
8 meters high by 70 cm wide
La Casita Gallery
FLORA ars+natura
Bogotá, Colombia

This is temporary


FLORA ars + natura is a space for contemporary art in Bogotá, Colombia, with an emphasis on the relationship between art and nature. It focuses on commissions and residences, on the dissemination of the results of these programs, and on education. FLORA is a non-profit, open and inclusive foundation that establishes links between artists and local, national and international communities through intense expository and pedagogical activity.

From February to December 2017, this group of 23 artists of different nationalities formed part of Escuela FLORA, a long-term residential program accompanied by an artistic training program based on studio practice, dialogue, and direct feedback regarding the artistic process, while investing strongly in interculturality with the aim of transcending hegemonic thinking.

Each artist develops their practice in the studio, attends a program of independent studies focused on investigating methodologies of creation and research in contemporary art, and receives feedback on their process by prominent artists, curators, theorists, historians and researchers of national and international standing.

The public placement of processes (PPP) of the work of the resident artists is carried out via Open Studios, through which the public has the opportunity to access and familiarize itself with processes and projects. For this particular exhibition we have collaborated with La Casita, which offered us its exhibition space to present some of the projects carried out by the artists during their residency.

This exhibition presents works that respond to the research and production processes of each of the residents. In the absence of a common theme, the exhibition is constituted as a laboratory to which each artist brings a proposal, thus generating dialogues and links among the pieces through their juxtaposition in space, as well as connecting ideas and processes, and in some cases evidencing the personal experiences formed during a 10-month residence in which a series of conversations that have been formed in a common space and woven among peers.

Adriana María Pineda

Curator in residence Beca Scarpetta

La Casita Gallery

José Roca

Artistic Director